New on AppShare this month + our feature of the month – Guided Tour

Hey everyone,

Have you ever wished that there was a more visual presentation to guide your users to utilise your application? Search no further, our newest item on AppShare Guided Tour is the solution.

This widget provides you with the ability to fully configure a step-by-step tour of your solution and its features. This is an excellent method of walking through content and help guides for using your solution.

Let’s have a look at an example preview of the tour in action:

This widget has been configured as a plug-and-play component. So once you’ve downloaded this widget, simply upload it into your application and you’re ready to utilise this widget.

Each step on the tour is represented by a ‘block’ within the widget’s settings, and numbered as such so that it is easy to identify the step number.

Floating tooltips will display in the middle of the screen, and is a great way of displaying generic content on the page.

However, Targeted tooltips will identify and highlight an element on the page of your choosing, and is a great way of displaying contextual content about the highlighted item.

You can read on how this widget works and download it here

If you have any questions about this new feature, please drop them below!


Lisa V

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