New to Liberty Create

Hi, I’m Colin Stenning, Head of Digital at Bracknell Forest Council. We are new to Liberty Create and are currently working through the training. I’d be interested to find out how other councils managed their migration from alternative platforms. We have a customer account and over 200 forms and processes to move and at present I’m trying to work out the best way to do this.

I’d also be interested to see any example of council forms that have been developed as it would help the team here to better understand how Liberty Create is being used.

Hi Colin,

My name is Simon Pike and I am the Market Solution Specialist for Low Code for Local Government. The Citizen Hub(CH) Framework will provide you with the basic Case Management framework for Council services (i.e. Missed collections, bulky uplifts, reporting potholes etc). There are training courses that cover who to install, build and publish within the CH Framework. The CH Framework has around 30 modules available in the Community AppShare, covering a range of these services. They can be found here.

The CH Modules include all of the elements within Create to allow you to publish and run these as services, including forms, business process, automated messages etc. The modules are free to download and use. We continue to add to this to expand the offering over time and we also encourage our customers to share any services that they build either in the CH Framework or standalone with other users of the Create platform in the AppShare.

If you have any more specific questions then please feel free to contact me at


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