NHS user group - 1st July

We often hear from our NHS customers that it’s valuable to hear from their peers about lessons learned and best practice. So, we’re hosting a user group specifically for NHS organisations.

Across the NHS, hardworking colleagues have delivered incredible results, transforming patient and colleague experiences. In this session, our NHS Trusts and Boards customers will showcase their transformation stories.

The agenda includes:

  • Outpatients: Patient Hub transformation for go-live and beyond
  • In-patient Management: Surveys and detailed reminders
  • Benefits from communication data: Using AI to understand demand
  • Considering patient care records
  • RPA innovation or efficiency

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The agenda for the event has now been released. We have a packed couple of hours, full of best practice and customer stories.

Improving utilisation and DNAs while reducing printing
Phil Thwaites, Digital Care Programme Manager and Helen Owen, IT Project Manager - Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hear how 65% of patients at Hampshire made the move to digital in the first 3 months. And they moved from 8,000 to just 3 letter templates.

In-patient management: surveys and detailed reminders
Ikenna Emenyonu, Solution Specialists Manager and James Brett, Development Manager - Netcall
See the new survey functionality that is coming to Patient Hub to support in-patient management. If you’re interested, you’ll also get an invitation to be a beta-users.

Extending contact centre investment with migration
James Rawlinson, Director of Health Informatics - Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust
See how Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust is combining artificial intelligence and text-to-speech software to analyse keywords within support calls to understand why people are calling.

Considering patient care records
Tom Gausden, Senior Business Manager - Patient Knows Best
Learn more about the integration between Patient Hub and the Patients Know Best (PKB) personal health record and clinical portal platform, and the benefits this brings.

Intelligent automation in healthcare: a shot in the arm for our NHS
Yad Jaura, Product Marketing Manager, and Clare Rafferty, Transformation Lead for Health - Netcall
Intelligent Automation is the combination of RPA and low-code, two powerful ways to automate processes digitally. Take a look at both technologies, how they work and examples of the bots and application in action.

You can sign up here: https://www.netcall.com/events/nhs-user-group/

Looking forward to this on Thursday. Don’t forget to submit any questions you want answered in this chat.

In case you missed our recent NHS user group, you can watch all the sessions back here: NHS User Group H1 2021 - Netcall

Hope you found the Intelligent Automation session useful. If there are any questions, please send them my way. Thanks!