Not one, but two new apps today!

Two new apps, and only one of them is COVID-19 specific!

The first one is the Contact Tracing & Outbreak Management Accelerator. You can find it here.

This Accelerator is primarily designed to allow Public Sector Organisations to identify Organisations, People, Clusters and Outbreaks of disruption. In this particular it is directed at cases related to Covid-19. It allows for the identification of affected people, and delivers follow-up communications and reports to relevant bodies.
This App comes from the busy team at Cumbria Council.

Our second App is a Visitor Management Accelerator. You can find it here

This very simple Accelerator allows you to control the comings and goings of visitors to your building. It facilitates the creation of locations and visitors, as well as the recording of which visitor passes have been assigned and to whom.
The Accelerator is easy to use, requires virtually no user configuration, and can be deployed in minutes.

Stay alert everyone, cheers, Tony