NOW AVAILABLE on AppShare – The Academy Accelerator

Hi everyone,

We are so glad to share with everyone that Netcall’s Academy Accelerator is now available on the AppShare, ready for you to download!

This Accelerator is based on Netcall’s own Academy that provides a complete eLearning system by hosting and managing SCORM eLearning packages.

This makes for an ideal add on to any Create application, to provide eLearning solutions across your business or for your Liberty solutions.

We also have a SCORM example package that can be used with this Accelerator.

All you have to do now is login to your account and head over to The AppShare!

If you missed our Community Show&Tell last week, not to worry as we will be uploading the session soon. We do hope you can make it to the next one!

Thank you

Lisa :blush: