Numeric Calculation Composite Not Showing

Hi folks,

I have created a composite that is a numeric calculation that I wish to use in an information widget, however it will only show on the right hand pane when I select a list widget which is no use for what I want it for.

It’s a simple calculation dividing a count composite by another count composite. These two composites within this calculation are marked as global but there is no option to select global when choosing numeric calculation.

It’s pickling my head as I can’t understand why it is available to use in a list widget but not an information widget.

Is anyone able to shed any light as to why that may be please?

Many thanks

Hi Gary,

Your composite’s visibility against a widget can alter depending upon the base objects of your information and list widgets, the base object of your composite itself and that of the page.
Drop me a message if you’d like me to have a look at your build and we’ll post back the outcome here once we’ve fixed it.


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Thanks Asif, sorry for the delay and appreciate your offer. I’ve dropped a DM