On change submit form

Hi all

We have a really simple form (one field and a submit button) to allow agents to select their current channel (email, phone, face to face etc). We would like this form to submit automatically when the dropdown is changed, getting rid of the submit button which is not part of the design for the page. Is there a way to add


to either the dropdown, or the form? Can we do this using a wrapper on the form maybe? I’ve not used wrappers before so not really sure what they are or what they do.



Afternoon Kevin,

Apologies for the delay, I needed to seek a few confirmations that this is indeed not currently possible.

At this time we are unable to influence the front end as a result of any action without creating a custom presenter.

If you were to do it with a custom presenter, the simplest way would be to add a custom class to the submit button and then fire that on-change.

$( “#submit” ).trigger( “click” );