Opening Times & Announcements


We are new to this system and wondered if I could ask a couple of questions:

How do I change my opening times?

How do I disable that it tells me which skill the customer has picked from the main menu?

Thank you

Hi Alison, and welcome to the community.

Your Dialogue controls opening times, and typically system administrators would amend these. Your system admins can also give you the rights to edit your Dialogues if need be (such is the power of Roles based administration). In the first instance, please speak to your system admins (as I can see on your system, you do not have the required roles to carry out these tasks).

Regarding the second question, I am unsure what you mean by this. The Contact Center software will always display to the Agent where the call has come from, and this cannot be disabled - unsure of a use case as to why you would want to remove information regarding calls, but do let us know your thinking or requirements, and we can look to see what is already possible on the platform.

Let us know if you need further assistance on the first point and a bit more info on the second, and we look forward to answering any more questions you may have.


Jonathan Redsell