Our newest feature in the Community – The Onboarding App

Hey everyone,

We are pleased to announce that we have a new section that will be available in the Community called Onboarding.

Built on Liberty Create, this new feature will be integrated into the Community where you can access it through your account.

So, what is the Onboarding App? It is our way of introducing new users to the solution they have invested in; sharing - in a single space - a growing library of digital resources to help you understand how the solution is deployed, the roles and responsibilities, integration specifications, testing regimes through to business as usual guides. Essentially, a tool to surface and share resources to help get up to speed quickly and easily with the core deployment activities.

We wanted a place where you would be able to start your journey through your Netcall solution(s) and be able to have a smooth navigation throughout.

This App supports onboarding templates for ease and speed, alongside built-in data collections and sharing functionality.

You will be able to find it on our home page by scrolling all the way down to the tiles, and it will look like this:

Some more images on how the Onboarding App will look like:

Resources grouped and presented:

We are excited to finally be able to share this new feature with you!

Thank you

Lisa V

Hi Lisa,

I tried to access the app but I can’t log on. If I click the ‘SSO Netcall community button’ I see error - ‘SSO Login fail’. I am not sure what user name and pwd it requires (I tried Community PWD but it failed). The password reset does not send me an email. Please can you help?

I had the same experience when I tried it, so I suspect this might be a general problem?

Hi @sbeech , @EdStivala

thank you for your feedback, we found a small issue, which has now been resolved.

Would you please try accessing Onboarding again.

let me know! thank you

Lisa V