Outbound Call Time to Ring Setting Configurable?

When making an outbound call in Liberty Converse the call will ring for a maximum of 30 seconds. If the call is not answered in this time the attempt will be ended and the agent will hear “Unfortunately there was no answer” on their phone.

Is this 30 second maximum time configurable somewhere?

We recently onboarded a new team into Converse who often make calls to elderly individuals with mobility issues and the team feel that 30 seconds is not enough time to give someone to answer the phone. This team also frequently needs to make calls to the local hospital’s A&E department, and they too can often take longer than the 30 seconds allowed to answer the call.

Any suggestions welcome

Oliver Carr

Hi @carro, there is no way to change this on a Group/Queue level; this is a system-level setting.

If you are making outbound calls to an entity within your Liberty Converse Directory, it will use the Ring Duration from within Entity Settings for each contact type.

These settings can be changed per entity or done as a Global Template Change. But this can have consequences for other aspects of the system, so changing this should only be done if you understand that it can affect ALL entities within your system and how it can affect all system entities calls are sent to them.

However, for entities not in your Liberty Converse Directory, E.G., a customers number, this is set using the Global Number Range Details. Again you should not change these lightly and without knowing what they do. Number Range’s allow you to control what numbers can be called out from your Liberty Converse System and must include all number ranges that the system should call. Like 07 numbers for Mobiles, 01 or 02 numbers for Landlines, and internal extension ranges such as 1000-7999.

Within the Number Range is the following setting

You can alter this to the ring length you require. Doing so will also affect other parts of the system where it relies on these number range rules (which is everything), so only change it you really must.

I think having this setting (much like the setting for calling Agents) for outbound calls within the Group could be a good idea, so please add this to the Ideas portal (link is in the Community Menu bar at the top).

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, just let us know.


Thanks Jonathan this is really useful to know.

I’ve sumbitted this as an idea as suggested:

Many thanks

Hi Jonathan,

From your response I advised the operations team that “We could do something, but it would affect many things on the system so we’ve been advised against it”

The operations team have recently come back to request that we do change it, so I’m hoping you could shed some more light on what system behaviours we would expect to be affected by this change?

The one thing that comes to my mind is perhaps the time the system will alert an agent with a queued call will be extended and take longer to back off if they fail to answer?

Any clarity you can provide on this will be much appriciated. My fear is that the team believes that this change will simply only affect the outbound call time (their desired result) and I’d like to give them some solid examples of other things that will be affected by this change so that they can decide if they still want to go ahead.

Many thanks,

Hi Oliver - (and anyone else interested).

By default, the ring duration for outbound calls (not listed in the directory) is set to 30 seconds. You can change this setting by going to PLATFORM > NUMBER RANGES (under the System Integration heading).

This image displays a list of my Number Range Details (yours may be different as they are configured on a system by system basis).

To change the ring length of how long the system should call the number, click on the rule you want to edit - I will choose External 07.

Scroll down until you find IVR Options, and you can change the Default ring length from 30 seconds to whatever time you want to set this to, then click SAVE.


  1. Do this only on external number ranges, not Internal ranges.

  2. The maximum time you can ring a Mobile number is 60 seconds; after this, the mobile network will disconnect the call.

  3. The maximum time you can ring a Land Line number (01/02) is 15 minutes (that might be a bit much to have the setting set at).

  4. This does not affect entities in the directory. The ring duration is taken from the Template defaults or set against each contact number.

  5. This does not affect calling an Agent. The ring duration is taken from the Template/Contact setting or the Contact Centre Group setting (whichever the Group is set to use).

  6. This does not affect CallBack calls as the ring duration is set within the Queue settings.

  7. This will affect non-supervised transfers from Dialogues to the number that falls into the range you have adjusted.

I hope this helps, and let us know if you need any further clarification.


Jonathan Redsell