Outbound SMS through Converse

Hi, I have built a dialogue for customers to be offered a SMS containing a link to our website if wait times are over 5 minutes. When testing, the SMS has not been sent. Does anyone have any ideas what I’m missing?

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Hi Daniel,

Thank you for taking the time to submit your post onto the Converse community forum.

I have taken a look at your system and confirm you have done everything right in terms of the use of the Notification block in Dialogue Builder. However the system is failing to send the actual SMS messages due to an issue with your Gov.Notify SMS gateway connectivity. You can see this if you run a Messaging report from the Platform page and filter by SMS.

Can I please ask you to raise this with our support team who will look into the issues sending via Gov.Notify.

Kind regards

Jonathan Gunner

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Thanks Jonathan I will get this raised today :slightly_smiling_face: