Outcomes and reporting

I am seeking some help, tips, and advice, and possibly training in relation to outcomes, I have had a look through e-learning and can’t see anything, does anyone have any useful tips or advice relating to both creating and reporting on Outcomes?
Many thanks in advance for any assistance or feedback.

Hi, @LynseyLeonard this free eLearning course Liberty Converse: Dialogues - Builder Essentials has just what you need. It has the following modules:

  • Dialogue Builder - Introduction and Planning
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v1 - Introduction
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v1 - Getting to know the Blocks
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v1 - Building the Dialogue
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v1 - Reports
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v1 - Prompts
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v1 - Publishing and Activating a Dialogue
  • Dialogue Builder: Hacket v2

This course is taken from our Instructor-Led Training to help you get a working knowledge of the essential elements of Dialogue Builder, including reporting.

If you would like a more bespoke training course, do get in touch with your Account Team, who can advise on costs.

Thanks - Jonathan Redsell

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