Page Badge Count For Multiple Relation Paths

I’m currently working on a page for managers to see cases assigned to their team and also cases assigned to the direct reports of the their team members and I’m having trouble getting the badge count to work for this.

The page has two tables one showing their teams cases and one showing the cases for their team’s direct reports and looks like this:

To get the first table the relationship goes from user (manager) to user (staff member) to the case object. The relationship for the second table goes from the user (manager) to user (staff member) to user (staff member) to the case object.

When I do the badge count I can only get to count cases in one of the tables. I have tried creating a subset on the user object that goes down both relationship paths but I haven’t been able to get it working.

Has anyone else got some experience with badge counters that has managed to get something similar to work?

I think your logic is correct in that you will need a subset incorporating both sets of cases. Can you share the details of the subset to see what you have (PM me if you want).


So the page has the base object set as the user object and the subset sits on that object as well. The first line of the subset has this path:

The second line follows this path:

When I put this on the page it only counts the cases in the level one table.