Page numbers - I'm missing something obvious

I’ve built a couple of very simple applications, each one has two pages but the page numbering isn’t working and because of this I don’t have a submit button. When I open the form it states Page 1 of 0.

I have written a rule to say total page numbers 2, I’ve compared every setting with an application that does work and everything is the same as far as I can see.

So I appreciate this is going to be something really simple but to prevent me from going crazy can anybody tell me what I’m missing here please.


In order for page numbers to work correctly within the Citizen Hub Framework there are a number of things that you need.

  1. A rule to set the _Total Page Number property on the Case object. If you look in one of your Host environments for the Service > Comment or Compliment [PROCESS] - Set Total Page Numbering rule and replicate this for your new form. Things to check are:
  • On the Trigger tab
    • The Object is the PROCESS Object for your service
    • The Relation is set to CASE
    • The Change type is Added
  • On the response tab
    • Act upon should be CASE
    • Action should be set field values
    • The field is then _Total Page Number
    • And the value is the total number of pages on your form (i.e. 2).
  1. On the form itself you need to use the CASE > Page Number subpage setting the restriction subset to be the page number in question i.e. Page 1 subset. You will need to add a Page number subpage in to the form at each point where you require a page break and set the restriction subset to match.
  • Make sure that you are using the correct CASE > Button cluster bottom subpage on your form. This is needed to make sure that the Next button is working correctly, to call the correct rule to update the page number. You shouldn’t need to change the settings for the Next and Submit button.

If you are still having issues after checking these then please send me an email and I will set up a call where we can work through it with you.