PCIpal Payments with Callbacks

We have recently started using PCIpal to take payments over the phone but when calling outbound to a customer via a callback we are unable to take the payment as the PCIpal number has not been dialled first. Is there a way that we can link PCIpal to our callbacks?

HI @Mccullochd sorry it’s taken a little while to reply I was looking at how we could do this.

I can see this is easy with an Outbound call, as I, as an Agent, I can dial this PCIPal number first, then dial the number I want. Great.

So I started looking at the options within Liberty Converse and what we can do. Looking at the Number Range details we have the ability to set a Range just for CallBack

This may work for you as you can Prefix calls from CallBack with the PCIPal Number. However, as I am unsure how PCIPal works, I cannot say if this will be what you need, but I should also point out, this will affect all calls from CallBack so all calls from CallBack would dial the PCIPal number, there is no way to split this out per CallBack queue.

I would say that this does sound like a nice idea to be able to add a pre-dial number for certain CallBack Queues for this purpose, so do add this to the Ideas Portal.

Hope this provides you with a way of playing to see if this helps.

Kind Regards.


Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for getting back to me that looks like it could work and I’ll add it to the ideas portal. I’ve had a look in the settings but I cant find the page from your screenshot if you could please tell me how to get there I’ll add it in :slight_smile:

Thanks again

So to go to this screen you need to go to PLATFORM then under SYSTEM INTEGRATION select NUMBER RANGES


You will need to Add a new Rule. I suggest trying it with your mobile in first instance so not to break anything else.
Give it a name, enter your mobile number, select the Number Type of External and then add the prefix to dial as the number you dial.


Save this and then click on this new entry


Then you can go in and tick that box

Once done, call in from your mobile and then leave a CallBack to test to see if this works for you.

Hope this helps.


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Jonathan thats great thanks very much for your help and for taking the time.