Person record 'modified by' user name (Citizen Hub)

In Central, I would like to display the name of the user (agent) who last edited the person record. A relationship to the User object does not exist, therefore I can’t see how to add this to the person details page. Can anyone help?

Hi Sarah,

Without making changes to the Base Object, the simplest way would be to enable ‘Show value history’ within the ‘Presentation’ setting area for key fields you wish to track.


This will give you a clock icon to the right of the field.


Clicking on the clock will pop up an audit table details the history of the field, ho made the change and when.


Hope this helps.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the suggestion but I cannot find a field on the ‘Person Details Object’ which stores the last modified username, only last modified date. Therefore, I don’t have a field on the page to show value history. I am showing who the record was created by buts that’s all I can find to display. Is the last modified username stored elsewhere?


The value history comes from an internal audit that is not a direct property within the objects records but a separate internal auditing system. Enabling the ‘Show Value History’ against the field, shows the audit log for that property whether changed via the interface, system or api.

To be clear this is a setting on the field, not adding an additional supporting field.