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We have recently integrated Facebook Messenger into our chat bot and we are finding it useful when the customers upload pictures to support their query or to show a location. Is there anyway I can set it up so customers can upload pictures through the web assistant if accessing through our website?

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Hi there - It may be worth a quick chat to discuss your use cases around this. I’ve worked on a couple examples using Apps within Liberty Connect which allow for more transactional interactions to take place, including uploading Files / Images straight to solutions such as Liberty Create i.e not as part of a conversation with an agent ( allowing for automation / workflow off the back of it ).

As always it’s all in the detail around where the app sits / what its doing, but happy to do a quick show and tell if you have time ?

The links to the documentation used are below :

Building Apps

File Uploader Component

Hi Lewis,
We are currently only working with Liberty Connect and don’t use Create and as far as I’m aware we don’t have to plans to buy it any time soon.
Having a look at the links you sent it looks like it requires some coding, unfortunately we don’t have any experience with this so not sure if we can incorporate it, however if no coding is involved and we can build it within in connect we would appreciate any help with it

Hi Daniel - can you please let me know when would be for a brief call to discuss - you can get me on , thanks.