Pie charts - control colour of slices

I am creating a pie chart and want to be able to control which slice has which colour rather than accepting the system defaults. Is there any way to do this?

Hi Angela,
I came across the same issue while creating Quick Charts and Charts (Interface > Charts).

In the following screenshot first is a row of Quick Charts and second row shows Charts that I created in the end. Charts give you a selection of ‘Colour palettes’ but I am not sure if you can individually colour the slices in Charts though.

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Hi Netcall Support team,

I suspect that the answer is that I need some custom CSS. However, I don’t know CSS well enough to be able to write it. Do you have anyone who can help?


It seems a chart is an SVG image and applying a CSS might not be the easiest and shortest solution.

I see a similar enquiry under ‘Platform Suggestions & Feedback’ for more control over graphs and their colours from your side. A member of the support team will reply asap: More control over colours used in graphs

Here is why I think the CSS route might not be the quickest one: any CSS applied to a chart is applied at a much higher level DIV. As a result it is a little tricky to determine the exact segments of classes which require customisation i.e. from custom classes to individual classes.