Plugins Galore!

Our builders have been busy beavers, and have produced four (yes four!) new plugins for you to enjoy.

They are available for you to download here

They include:

  • Navigator Data Presenter - allows you to capture browser details that are made available by the javascript window.navigator object.
  • Hidden Text with Reveal Presenter - enables sensitive fields to be hidden by default, and allow their reveal by clicking and holding on the eye icon. The field may be set as editable or non-editable.
  • Colour Picker Presenter - allows for the selection of a colour and displays its hex or rgb reference, which is then saved on submit for usage elsewhere.
  • Rating Scale Presenter - enables the entry and/or display of Ratings on a scale between two values signifying a scale. Commonly used in Surveys, The Rating Scale Presenter is a variant of the popular multiple-choice question, which is widely used to gather information that provides relative information about a specific topic. Researchers use a rating scale in research when they intend to associate a qualitative measure with the various aspects of a product or feature.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas of plugins you would like to see added to this list, or, even better, has inspired you to develop a plugin to share with the Community. You can upload your submissions here.


Great stuff guys. Thanks!

There is also a Zip File Widget now available in the widgets area.

This widget gives your users the option to download all or a subset of files related to a case or other object.


Click here to view or download this new widget.


Some great plugins, I can think of some immediate uses for Zip File Widget, Navigator Data Presenter and the Rating Scale Presenter.

Thank you.