Power BI Widget and Integration


I have begun the process of setting up the Power BI widget within our LC Build. This is the widget for reference: Power BI into Liberty Create Widget - Netcall Community

We have an existing Power BI report for Complaints case types, and I thought this would be a useful visual for users within one application.

However, I have a query. I have set up the widget on a new page and completed the firewall/domain settings within Create. I have some confusion about the Azure AD set up, as I am not familiar with registering an app at all or Azure AD. My assumption at the moment, is that we set up Power BI in Azure AD (as it doesn’t exist there) and then Create pulls in the existing report via the Report ID and the other IDs required on the page. Is my understanding correct?



Hi Louise,

Yes, your assumptions are correct, you will need to create an app within Azure that will have permission/access to PowerBI. Create will then use the Azure credentials, generate an auth token and load up the PowerBI report.

Thank you for confirming, Ged :grinning:

One additional query:

Would this have to be set up in each of our environments e.g. Build, Test and Live.