Pre-Defined Search

Hi guys, is it possible to set up some pre-defined searches and have a button to bring the search into play. Lets say a search we use will look in a specified field containing specified text, and return any records that have that text. Any assistance welcome. Thanks, Bob.

Hi, Could you create subsets with the specific text you want to find and then use a subset indicators in the search widget (i.e. returning records in that subset)?

Thanks Kevin, I’m doing that for dates, and it works fine, so probably could work. It was more along the lines if I have 5 search fields, could I press a button that would then populate those search fields with stored criteria. But thanks for getting back to me Kevin.

Another idea then (I don’t know if this will work), how about a widget at the top with some booleans that can be used as visibility requirements for a set of search widgets. Each search widget will have the 5 or so fields in with default values set. When you click the Boolean the correct search widget appears with the predefined filters set. Your booleans might have to be in the user object to get this working id imagine. Other than than I think I might be possible with callbacks (but that’s beyond what I do)

Just tested, this does work. instead of booleans, have a choice where you select the search you want to perform, then your search widgets will use that choice in the visibility requirement.

In this pic, selecting stage pre-proposal shows the widget with budget code, with the default value already set. Different choices will show different widgets, so you can have as many sets of predefined filters as you need. You could have a search widget with no defaults for when no choice is selected,


Thanks Kevin, will look into this further.