Presenter to collect User Agent details for each Case that is raised

We are looking for a way to collect the User Agent (eg the browser type, version) for cases raised in Netcall? This would just need to access window.navigator.userAgent and store it.

We need to collect this, so when a user provides feedback about any issues with the form, we will know what browser they used; and will be able to test this ourselves without asking them what browser they were using.

I am hoping there is a presenter that does this?


I got one but cant upload it here.

Just create a standard blueprint presenter, with Modify purpose and select base format Text, multi-line.

main.js code

return {
	get_template_data: function() {
		return {
			v : presenter.get_displayable_value()
	get_settings: function() {},

frontend.js code

export default {
	mounted: function() {
		this.v = window.navigator.userAgent;

main.htm code

<textarea v-bind="input_attributes({value: v})" />

Thanks so much for this!
Everything I needed and its working on one of our forms already :grinning: :smiley: :grin:

There is also a presenter available on AppShare that also captures this information.