Presenting our App of the month: Emi - The Environmental Management System (EMS) platform by DI Blue

Hey everyone,

We are so happy to share with you our September app of the month, developed by our Partner DI Blue.

They have developed an app called Emi which helps organisations achieve their environmental objectives through consistent review, evaluation, and improvement of their environmental performance.

Following the Plan, Do, Check and Act cycle, Emi enables an organisation, regardless of size or type, to:

– Reference standards, guidance and policies throughout the system, keeping knowledge and implementation together

– Model the external environment: stakeholders, commitments, obligations, opportunities and threats

– Model the internal landscape: departments, teams, business processes and locations

– Design and allocate controls, assign ownership, keep documentation and records;

– Enable assessment, with subsequent observations and actions.

If you are interested in this incredible app, you can find it in the Appshare as the Featured Accelerator. For a live demo on the app and its benefits, please keep a look out for our Community Event at the end of the month featuring DI Blue.

DI Blue is also more than happy to help you with your queries if you have any. Contact DI Blue

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