Press a button and increase priority of a call

Hi I have been asked if we could setup an option when an caller is in the queue if they press a number if their call priority can be changed from normal to very high or even to be pushed to the front.

This option would only be given to staff that need to urgently speak to an agent.

I can see one way of doing this by creating a new dialogue with the updated priority and using the queue breakout option to use this dialogue to change the priority, is that the best way to se that up?

Hi Guy, yes you can, but I probably wouldn’t put it in the queue, this is because it’s going to show up as a redirected call as you need to take the caller out of the queue and transfer them to another. The best way to do this would really be in the Dialogue, use a Menu block, with a hidden digit that transfers to the queue with the priority of Queue Jump. If you don’t tell people that the option exists (like 7, 8 or 9 as lots of people, try pressing 0 or *), then you can tell staff that when they call, press 7 and it will bypass to a high priority queue.

Or even better, if you know the phone numbers they are going to be calling from, I.E. a Mobile, you could use a Logic Block to check their CLI and then route them to a high priority queue that way.

Hopefully this makes sense, and you have a couple of options. Have a look and if you get stuck let us know and we can walk it through.

Many thanks