Push caller to voice form

I have been asked to look at a dialogue that was set up a few years a go. I have been asked to set up a new option and if not answered then it will push to voice form. The part I dont know is where are the setting to say if call is not answered after X minutes offer the option to leave a message.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Kelvin, welcome to the community.

I have dropped you an email. If we can have a quick call to discuss the best option for you, I can publish the answer here for everyone else.



Thanks for the call, @Kelvin. To summarise what we discussed. Your existing system sends callers to a voice form if they have been queueing for 5 minutes (300 seconds). As shown in this image, you can configure this setting within your Contact Centre Queues.


Using the bailout option of 300 seconds, load the Voiceform Dialogue.

We discussed your existing set-up being pre-Liberty Converse. Now that you have Liberty Converse, you automatically get CallBack (QueueBuster), which can automate a call back to the customer without them leaving a voicemail (and requiring an Agent to transcribe the voicemail and then call them back manually).

You can configure QueueBuster to offer them the option of a callback, whilst in a queue, at a set point in time, or based on queue position, but also when entering the queue if there is already a long wait. QueueBuster will then queue for them, calling them back when an Agent is available.

Please let us know if you would like some assistance setting CallBack up.