Question about Case Stage Button

Can someone explain for me please …


I want to use a simple case stage button for the gateway object - a simple yes / no with the nice hand icons coloured accordingly.

All good. BUT I want / need to use a Submission Sub Page for the No option to the user can choose a reason (for no) code of some kind. At this point my case stage button ONLY shows the yes option.

If I use a Case Stage List & Advance then im back to both options but its not the “look” I was hoping for.

This is not a problem as I realise there are other ways to do this - was just interested as to why its been done this way ?




Hi Haydn, the case stage button is built to take a singular input at stages within a process and isn’t built to handle data processing. The idea behind this is that not all processes will require information be submitted, in some instances a case can be see as a type of short survey with very simple yes/no type answers. When using a case to track progress of something that doesn’t require data input it often didn’t feel right to use a full case stage list and advance.