Question for users of the Switchboard interface


We are currently looking to make some improvements to the dedicated Switchboard UI.

Does anyone have any concerns if we changed the directory search so that it automatically clears the last search after a call ends?

The search can already be cleared by pressing the Escape key but some customers have requested that the search be automatically cleared so they are ready to immediately start searching again for their next call.

Some input on this would be very useful to us.

Many thanks

Jonathan Gunner

Hi Jonathan,

Will pass this onto people next week (after half term) to gain some feedback from our Switchboard.



I have spoken with one very large user of the switchboard interface who have confirmed that they would support this change. I have a couple more conversations with other users lined up for the next week or so too…

I assume we’re saying that the search bar would clear when wrap-up completes? The only risk I can see is if the agent was entering something in the search bar when wrap-up ended automatically…

@sam.roddis Most (if not all) SB’s don’t use wrap up, but yes, I’d assume once the call ends (inc wrap-up) would be the most suitable.

Only had 2 of our Switchboard feedback and they have said the change would be welcome.