Question on transferring calls using Teams


We’re in the process of upgrading to Liberty Converse. As part of this change we’re now going to be using Teams, so an incoming call is presented to an agent in the Liberty UI and then answered in Teams.

This is all working well until we try to transfer a call using Teams.

When we do this, on transferring a call from agent A to agent B in Teams, the call is transferred, but the call remains active in Liberty for both agents until either agent ends the call. If we do the transfer in Liberty we don’t have this problem and the call is ended with agent A and continues with agent B.

The advice from Netcall has been that this is expected behaviour for a cloud based solution, so I wanted to ask if anyone else using Teams has come up with a solution (other then just using Liberty.)

Many thanks

Hello Simon,

Thanks for raising this question and this is a very important point. All agents must only use the Teams client to answer the call. All other call control including hold, enquiries, transfers and even ending the call MUST be completed within the Web Agent user interface. If you attempt to do this in the Teams client or any other softphone, agents will experience what you have described.

Hope that helps.

Jonathan Gunner