Queue and agent inbound call figures

Our Adult Social Care group are looking at Queue Summary and Agent call summary reports.

The figures don’t match when you look at the total calls queued figure (queue report) and the total inbound calls presented figure (agent summary).

Should they match?
Can you explain the reasons why the two figures don’t match.

Thank you

Hello costiganj

Yes the Agent Summary isn’t a true reflection of the amount of calls coming into the Queue as the inbound calls presented total will include your Agent’s missed calls. Each time a call is presented to an Agent it counts towards the presented total, if an Agent misses a call which is then presented to a second Agent who answers it, the call counts as presented twice. Even if an Agent is presented and misses the same call several times it counts towards the total each time it is presented.

In terms of a report purpose, the Agent summary is geared more towards Agents stats for No Answers, Average Handling times and Interaction Transfer.

Hope this helps.

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