Queue capacity messages / routing within dialogues

I am looking to try find a nicer way of limited calls to a queue so only x amount per agent is allowed to be queued.

I have found Hints and Tips - Setting Queue Limits within a Dialogue which looks good but does anyone know a more dynamic way to do this? We could have different amount of agents logged in but I rather than making multiple different logic checks for each count id would be ideal if we could do something like

IF %CallerQueue.Waiting% > ( %AvailableAgents.LoggedIn% * 6 )

Whilst I know we can use the Queue capacity control

“Maximum number of callers queued for this group per logged-in agent:”

setting however ideally we would have a more personalised message that could be different for different queues on the system. Also if it was done in the dialogue I feel it may be easier to report on the instances of calls coming in that were over the threshold?

hi there @jminett86 I have been having a play around to see how we could do this but annoyingly, I couldn’t create something with a multiply the number of callers based on the number of logged in agents without the need to map these all out manually (either by using a query/logic block or a csv file to do the calculations).

The issue with the older Queue Capacity Control as you say is the reporting but also it does it on a group level not a queue level which causes an issue if one queue is highly used and another is not.

I would ask (like I do when many people want to limit queues) is what is the reasoning for this and is there a better alternative (Like using CallBack) or suggesting they channel shift is possible (many of our customers are now offering sms links to website and frequently called about queries which is seeing a good update).

I’d be happy to have a call about your requirements and thoughts and perhaps discuss other options, please feel free to send me a DM with your email and I can look to arrange a call.

Many thanks.