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I am trying to use the quick link function within converse for our advisors to send customer link to sign up for online account using a Microsoft form. I have the permissions on form set to anyone can respond but when I send the link from Netcall it is displaying error 404 we can’t find that form.

Any help much appreciated, thanks

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Quick links are used in one of two ways:

Link” or “Tab”. Links are shown on the right side in the “Quick Links” section of the details pane. Tabs are shown above the main interaction view

If using a Tab (either Tab or Tab Button) this will open the link you have configured into the Agent application using an iFrame. Not all web pages will enable their sites to work in iFrames so that may be the first issue.

If using a Link, then this will look to open the link within a new Tab outside of the application itself and therefore does not need to render the page within an IFrame.

How have you got your quick link configured?

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Hi Jonathan

Thanks for the reply, I currently have it configured using the ‘link’ function. An error 404 appears anytime I try using the link.

I’ve posted a screenshot of how I currently have this set up if any help.

Thanks again

Interestingly, from this I just tested one I had setup and that throws a 404 as well now. I did have issues when first setting it up, where via the WebAgent Desktop App, it would display a link in the centre of the page that had to be clicked, which wasn’t clear, and I marked it down to iFrame issues. New browser tab worked, now, that throws the 404.

If you use the same URL is pasted directly to the browser, it produces a redirect from “htps://forms.office.com/e/…” to "htps://forms.office.com/pages/responsepage.aspx?id=… " and loads the unique for ID link for that session. When clicking the Quick Link, the page now hits “htps://forms.office.com/PageNotFound.aspx” If that additional info helps.

HI Patrick, just going back to what it is you’re looking to achieve, is this to share a link with customers or for an Agent to fill out? If it’s for customers, then quick links isn’t the way to go but instead you should use Snippets, but this is only available when working with Email and Message interactions.

Or is this for Agents to fill out?

Annoyingly as the Microsoft form sits outside of the Netcall platform I can’t give a reason as to why it’s not displaying but as @jhill has mentioned, it could be with how the link works to the form.


Its a link for the agents to fill out for online services. The agents complete the form with the customer details which sends link to sign up online.

Appreciate the help from yourself and @jhill

Thanks again.

Actually, a correction on my part. It never made it out of Test my side, so I obviously didn’t get it working and it’s just wishful memories that I had.

The other thing I note from my side. If I make a basic HTML file to test launching the link from an source web page, to see if the result is the same as from Converse, this worked. It opened both in the same window and new tab, went through the MS redirects and displayed the page.

So not sure why when the source page for the link is Converse, it stops and gives the 404.

I tried this as well and I am finding the same thing, can launch the form out with converse but as soon as I try as quick link it gives the 404

I’ve sussed it out, it appears Quick Links ignore the original case of the characters in the URL, so in this scenario the form ID is case-sensitive. You don’t see this though as the redirect has occurred and the 404 is the result of an incorrect form ID in the URL.

I just tied it in with a different Quick Link that I tried to create for agents, where the URL is case-sensitive and that didn’t work because the output of the URL case from Converse is altered. I didn’t log with Netcall as it wasn’t needed in the end. This will be a Netcall fix assistance.

Example seen here - Input multi-case:


Output - all lowercase:


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Thanks @jhill for your perseverance in testing. I have raised this with Support, and we will come back to you when we have fixed it.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

Many thanks.