Quick Links & MS Forms

Trying to use quick links within liberty converse to add an MS form, for agents to complete when finished with a call. I can’t seem to get this to work. I receive a 404 form not found, I’ve tried the full URL and the shortened version no matter what URL is added it comes out as Page not found (office.com)

Does anyone have any experience with this? Just to confirm the MS Form is set to anyone can respond.


Hi Tony,

Long time no speak! :grinning:

We’ve got some MS forms embedded on the Agent desktop.

Hope you don’t mind this question but have you copied the link from the form you’ve created or have you created a link from the Collect Response button (see screenshot below)? If you’ve done the second one, make sure that you’ve set the form to be accessible to people within your organisation.

It may also be that your IT team have locked down access to Forms via other methods (i.e. you can only access it via o365).