Reactivate an aborted case

Hi all,
can’t seem to reactivate or regress anything that has been aborted in a process.
Have tried setting rules that reactivate the case (currently assigned to a manually triggered event), regress case stages, change the status etc.
Nothing logical seems to have any effect… any suggestions?

Hi Jo, I have just built a page with two buttons on. One is “Abort Case” and triggers a rule to abort the case. The other button is “Reactivate Case” and this triggers a rule to Reactivate the case. I can abort a case then reactivate it and I’m able to regress as expected. I presume that you have the “Allow Regression” box ticked in your process basics page? If you are still having issues please drop me a line and I will take a deeper look into your situation. Regards - Mark P.

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Hi Mark,
thanks for that. I did the above too and could not make it work, but we had a mentor meeting with Sean yesterday and he resolved it. I had set up my rules acting with the process object as the base object rather than the ‘CASE’ object and so was not allowing the case to be reactivated.
Thanks for your help though!

Yup, that would do it LOL. Glad you got it sorted and thank you for using the Community Forum. Regards - Mark P

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