Read only user role needs access to a single page

Hi, like explained in the title:
We have a user role which only has read-only access to our interface, this user role however needs access to a single page (our notes page) Just so they can add notes to a case, is there a way to do this?

Or do I need to make the user role read & write and then manually lock down the 50 odd pages we have in our interface? Any tips or tricks around this would be so helpful!
Thanks :slight_smile:

If you have fewer objects than pages, then it might be quicker/easier to use permissions on objects, rather than pages? Assuming it’s ok for them to have visibility of the rest of the case details etc, and assuming the Notes page uses a separate object and it has all the properties within it.

You could set “Read & Write” permission on the Notes object, and leave the Case object etc as only “Read”. That ought to lock the pages down when the user roles views them and only leaves the properties from the Notes object as editable.