Recording Voicemail Greetings

We have struggled with this and not found any answers on-line. Hope this helps others.
Dial in on your User Admin extension number, you’ll find this on the Call Routing form. Enter the PIN (user id) for the user who’s mailbox you want to record the greeting for. These are shown on the Messenger+ Mailbox Report. If they don’t have one, then add it on the Directory Entry. Listen to the change destination messages, then press the relevant number to listen to messages (mine is 3) Once played you will get an options menu where you can record personal and temporary greetings.

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Hey, @alake, great tip and thanks for sharing. You can also do this from your Check Messages number (main voicemail number) as well.

For anyone else that may want this, here is a picture displaying the Messenger+ telephony options.

Messenger+ Telephony Menu