Reduce image size issue

I have managed to create a rule to Transform Image/Reduce Filesize by Scaling = 900KB. This works well and is triggered by ‘Record Created or amended’. This will work on any new images added that are too large.

I also need to deal with any images that are existing. I have duplicated the rule and added it to an event to be able to bulk update existing records. Unfortunately this is just not doing anything. The event runs but the contained rule doesn’t run. I have no conditions included and the image is definitely larger than the 900kb.

I have tried running it on records that have completed and those not completed but it doesn’t do anything.

Any suggestions?

Hi Ann,

Welcome to our community and thank you for posting on the forum.

Please check that you are firing the event from a widget which has the same Base object as the base object of your duplicated Rule. For example if you are firing an event from a list widget, it should have the same base object as the base object of rules that you want to fire.

That has worked Asif, thank you very much for your help.