Refresh page after import


How can I automatically refresh the page after importing data from a spreadsheet on the same page? Currently, If I don’t manually refresh the page, the new data is not shown. I looked in the settings but didn’t find any options related to this.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Hi Katerina,

In case it’s good enough, there is an “Auto-refresh” setting for the whole page (Basics tab) and for specific widgets (including List). This just allows you to refresh on a regular interval.

If that is not good enough and you are using the main Import widget, I suspect there isn’t a way to do this. Perhaps suggest an Idea to Netcall.

If you are importing from a file in a record, there will be a way to do it with a little Code Studio code. I can try and help further if this is the case. But I suspect it will be quite a bit of work.


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I tried doing this using cs.redirect but I could not find any way of checking when the import is completed unless you already know how many records to expect or the file will have a footer line you can check for, so it redirects too early.

The only means of firing it once completed was using the Importer’s “Signal triggered at completion” option, but cs.redirect does not then work.

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Paul is right I don’t think there is currently functionality apart from auto refresh unless you write some code.

Create an import file type in the data exchange and run a signal on completion. You can probably use JQuery for the refresh. An example being:


Where E1 is the refresh event on the widget you want to refresh and class name can also be set here in the advanced settings.

Might be worth reading into if it’s functionality you need. More than happy to help if you respond here as we use this a few times in a few different ways.


Thank you Daniel for your reply.

I’ve tried this approach but the widget is still not refreshing after import.

I’ve created an Event Action with the JQuery:

I’ve also created a signal that is triggered on import completion and I’ve added the class to the widget that should refresh:

Am I missing some steps?

Thank you in advance!