Repeat caller identification

Hi, we are using an SMS platform integrated with Converse to send messages to callers to promote online services, based on what they’ve selected on menus. If they are calling from a mobile, they receive an SMS with a link to where they can self-serve.
However, we are aware that some customers will call back on a number of occasions to speak to us about the same issue so they will receive an SMS every time they call in.
Is there a way of identifying whether someone has already called us, for example in the last 4 weeks, and therefore treat their call slightly differently?
What we are looking to do is for first-time callers to receive an SMS and if they call back within a 4 week period about the same issue, it would bypass sending an SMS and move them on to the next block in a dialogue.
Hope this makes sense!

Hi Ross. We have looked at how we could do this in the product, but unfortunately, nothing with any direct ease. Could you please add this as an idea, and the dev teams can take a look at work their magic.

Many thanks.