Report on outcome

in a number of our Dialogues we have a Outcomes setup, but I don’t see where this can be remoted out outside of the recent calls view.

is there a better place to report on this information?

HI Guy. Outcomes are stored within the database. To view these, each of your Dialogues needs to have reports set up in order to display this information in a meaningful way. You can access this data by going into your system and clicking Dialogues - Reports.

This will allow you to run and display data on your Dialogues.

Here you can

  1. Select the Dialogue to report on, date range and version (Published/Test).

  2. Select the Reports that are created within your chosen Dialogue.

  3. Report Data in numerical and graphical formats.

  4. Download your raw report data.

To view this data, it is important to first set up the reports within your Dialogues. This is a manual process. Any Dialogues with no reports setup will not appear in the Dialogue selection drop-down list.

If you want to learn more about creating Dialogue Reports, please check out the Liberty Converse: Dialogues - Builder Essentials within the Academy.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

Jonathan Redsell

Thank you for the information, I had always wondered what that reports tab was for, as it was always empty.