Rule Action To Expire Webpage Token


It’s not possible to run the ‘Expire webpage tokens’ action against an object specified in the ‘Act upon’ setting. Is this by design ?

Base object is ‘xyz’ and I want to expire the webpage token on a record on ‘abc’ which is in a 1:1 relationship with ‘xyz’.



There’s a workaround. But should the above scenario be possible?

Hi Mark,

I believe the behaviour should be identical for all rule actions, regardless of whether you are acting upon
(a) the record that was triggered or
(b) the “act upon” relation(s).

Have you tested whether it works when triggering on it directly?


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Hi Paul, yes it works fine when triggered directly on the base object. I had to workaround the issue by adding a flag to ‘abc’ and setting it to Yes when an event fires on ‘xyz’. ‘Flag = Yes’ is then a condition in a subset whose base object is ‘abc’. Another rule fires when this subset is added to and expires the webpage token.

Thanks, Mark