Rule to stop requests to start project on a weekend


We regularly make reports of case loads which needs to be renewed every 4 months. Currently, we are getting reminders that this is due and could land on a weekend. I need this to just trgger for weekdays only. Any advice would be great.

Hi Yasin,

My name is Mark and I am the Community Team Builder here at Netcall. I would like to be able to help you with both of your issues. If you could could email me at we can arrange a Teams meeting today to chat through what you need and hopefully resolve your issues.

Regards - MP

Hi Yasin,

I am sure Mark will be able to help with your specific enquiry.

Anyone else passing-by might be interested to know that it is possible for a signal to be scheduled (for example) on the first Monday of specific months.


Warning: Always check the “Schedule summary” at the bottom to check it will fire when you expect.

Hi Paul, yes just waiting to discuss how they are triggering the rules, but as you have stated, ideally a scheduled Signal will be the answer.

Cheers - MP

Hi Yasin, I have not heard back from you on this matter so I will assume you have managed to resolve it. If you still need help please feel free to get in touch.

Regards - MP