SafeDesk app - restrict bookings by date

Hi all,

We are using the SafeDesk app to manage desk bookings in our main office.

We are looking to restrict desk bookings to a maximum of three months in advance, however have been unable to successfully set this up as yet.

I have tried a few different methods including hiding the Submit button on the Add Booking page based on specific dates, however have not managed to get this working (could this be to do with the fact that dates and times are being used in the same field?)

I’m wondering if there is a way to restrict dates that links back to the calendar/diaries?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

All the best
Henry Ascoli

Hi Henry, this is Mark and I was the Lead Builder of Safedesk. I will be happy to help you try and resolve this issue. Unfortunately I am on vacation tomorrow, but would be happy to help you on Monday. If you would like to email me and we can discuss perhaps having a call to resolve this for you. Regards - MP

Brilliant - thanks Mark, I’ll drop you an email.

All the best