Saying goodbye to 2020

As we wave goodbye to 2020 (and arguable good riddance), I wanted to look back and highlight a few key moments and achievements within the Netcall Community in what has been a challenging year for all of us both professionally and personally.

Firstly, although it seems a lifetime ago in February we held our first ever face to face Community event in Bedford. This was a fantastic day, with over 100 attendees and a great opportunity to meet up and share. We had some brilliant presentations from the likes of Cumbria County Council and Adur & Worthing Council sparking discussion and debate. For some, this was their first engagement with Netcall and we were blow away by the positive feedback. Let’s hope in the future along with our virtual events we can once again meet face to face.

Shortly after our user group meeting COVID-19 hit. And together we quickly set about developing and sharing via the AppShare no less than 25 new COVID-19 specific applications supporting multiple markets to help fight the epidemic sweeping across the UK.

Next during the Spring we set up our bi-weekly and weekly virtual Community event’s sharing information on COVID-19 Applications, new releases, market specific challenges, and ask the expert sessions to support our build community. This was capped off in November by our 2020 App of the year awards. Winning entries came from Hampshire Trust Bank, NHBC, Bonfire Creative Intelligence, and our overall winner Cumbria County Council.

Our finial highlight of the year was the launch of an all new Tech Support and Document Help Portal, both integrated into the Community forum to make it easier to get the help and support when you need it.

During 2020, together we grew the number of free AppShare items to over 200, shared more than 550 threads in the Forum to help each other, and grew the Community membership to over 1100 users representing more than 360 organisations. None of which would have been possible without your support.

For me being part of the Community in 2020 and seeing everyone pulling together to help each other fight COVID-19 has been a big positive, and shows what we can achieve together!

I want to wish you all a much more normal, and prosperous 2021!

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