Scheduling the assignment of emails

Is there a way of scheduling the assignment of emails to agents/service area within converse?
Our service would like the emails to only be allocated within certain times.

Hi Lisa, do you mean to have the Push to the Agent of the Emails, or do you mean based on SLA?

There is nothing regarding pushing based on a timer, but you could easily turn off the push option so Agents pull emails manually when required.

You can turn Push off per Agent by clicking on the Media Type next to their name in Management.

In this example against myself, it shows as Push, but North Agent 01 can still Pull Emails even though it is greyed out (this just means pushed is disabled).

In regards to the SLA, You can set Business Hours in your SLA so that emails over a weekend don’t become out of SLA by the time Monday comes around.

Let me know if this helps, or if not could you expand on your use case/requirements?


Jonathan Redsell

Thanks for getting back to me Jonathan, the user requirement is that they only want emails pushed out to the agents at certain times / days. So not over a weekend and not after 4.30pm. Thus allowing the team leads to have an oversight of how many are waiting to be allocated - bit like you can do in outlook if using a team email address.
They don’t like the option of pulling emails as they don’t particularly like the ability to ‘pick and choose’.

Hi Lisa. The first point is an interesting concept - perhaps around a shift/rota working style. Could I ask you to add this as suggestion in the ideas portal please.

In relation to the picking of emails using the Pull. When pulling an email, the Agent cannot cherry-pick emails. They are given the next email matching their skill set in the queue. Once received, they then action as normal.

Kind Regards.


Thanks again Jonathan, I’ll suggest it in the portal.

Lisa, one report you may find useful is the Queued vs Completed. This shows the number of emails per day (or based on the preferred view). That either we carried forward each day, came in (queued) or were handled/transferred into a different queue/group.