Second online form on a case


I’m creating a service (or two) where there is a break in the process between the initial online form and requiring proof to be uploaded and I’m working out the best way of doing this.

I know I can put it all on one form and allow the customer to save the case and return to it to upload the proof but I like the idea of the form being submitted and then having a second form with the proof uploads. Has anybody done this? And if you have how do you get the customer to the second form?

Alternatively, I’m really open to suggestions of what others have done or would do in a similar scenario.

(Just for information, this will all be done using the portal with customers logging in.)



We’ve just gone live with a process (for Ukrainian Refugees) with three separate forms to fill in so hopefully I can help.

We have the initial form as standard
A monthly update form sent to the customer via email
An additional refugee form accessed through the initial form

The monthly update form is just another Webpage Authenticated based on Case with the Mark as form completed removed on the submit button, that’s accessed via a scheduled message on the process with a link in it. I’ve got a few extra rules/fields to record when the update was submitted/how many have been submitted/to clear the values before the next update but it’s very simple and didn’t require any other objects.

The additional refugee form is a little different. Customers get to this one by starting the initial form but selecting an alternate route and providing their initial application number. I then run a create relationship by matching rule, and provide a redirect to a different form if a match is found - this is done with a submit button that redirects down the path of the ne relationship.

The second one is a little harder to explain but more useful for ad hoc forms rather than scheduled ones.

Unfortunately we don’t use the customer portal yet so this might not be that helpful!