Select Lists and calculated fields


I’m trying to replicate a couple of fields that we use in a Granicus form now that we are moving across to Liberty Create.

Basically I have 2 fields: a Select List and a Text field (containing a formula that uses the Select List)

Here’s a test sample of what is in the select list:

Sub Category Snippet

Select List - here’s the sample but formatting doesn’t work so please refer to the image.

Field name: Sub Category (data name is subCategory)

Label Value
Adoption and post adoption support 001person1’at’newcastle dot gov dot uk
Adult education 002person2’at’newcastle dot gov dot uk
Agency staff 003person2’at’newcastle dot gov dot uk
Aggregates and concrete 004erson2e’at’newcastle dot gov dot uk

I had to change the email text on this post as an error appeared when I tried to post this to say maximum of 2 links allowed.

Regarding the list - is it possible to copy and paste a list into a choice data type instead of entering each item one at a time as I have over 120 entries?

How can I have the Sub Category (label) bit that the applicant selects appear and the corresponding value (email address) stored???

Text Field
Field name: Contact (data name is contact)


This just strips the first 3 characters leaving the email address (Contact) from the Value in the Sub Category field.

I want to use this email address as a recipient using a rule/message/email to notify them that an application for the Sub Category they are responsible for has been selected as part of a submitted application.

Any help would be appreciated.


The way we would do is by making a new object for your list of values with two fields, Label and Value with a One - Many relationship back to case.

This would allow you to import the data as a CSV and maintain it that way, or on a front end page.

On your case you can have the email selected by using a relationship selector, either as a type ahead or a drop down.


Thanks for your reply Victoria

I’ve created a new object with the 2 new fields/properties. I have set them as Text, single line but thinking this may not be correct as you stated I could load the list of labels in to the label field and the email addresses (value) into the Value field and use a Relationship selector (I don’t know what that is sorry).

Is this the correct data type to use and how do I load the lists in to the new fields? I have created 2 text files one for each column of data - is this the way to do it?

This is the fist form I have worked on and trying to replicate a Granicus form.

Thanks again for your help - it’s much appreciated.


Correct for the first one but you’ll want to select the field type of ‘email address’ for the second for it to work as a recipient.

Once you’ve got the fields you can go to Data Exchange and Import File Types, add a new one on your new object and set it to csv and match else create, leave the second tab as it is if you can, or add one line for your header field, add the two fields in columns and select preview/required/match (maybe on the text field but not on the email for this one)/save.

If you then go to an existing import page, or create a new page with the import widget on it, you can select a csv and try to import - if anything is wrong it’ll tell you what and the preview will let you see how it goes.

Once you’ve got your data you can add the field to your page by selecting your widget, going down the rel path to your new object and selecting the very top field which should be called the relationship selector and setting the title field to your first field.

That looks like a lot but it really isn’t - however it’s a lot easier to show/guide someone through it than write it out so if that makes no sense we can set up a teams call?


Thanks again for your time - I’ll take a look and see how I get on. Thanks for the offer of a Teams meeting as well should I need it - very kind of you.