Selecting multiple options as an answer to a question


I am trying to create a way for users to select multiple options as an answer to a question. I have tried setting this up through a Relation Ticklist. Would this be the best way to allow the user to select multiple answers? If so how would it need to be configured for it to work correctly as currently it is just stating no data available.

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Hi @JessEvang ,

It depends on the context in which you want to show multiple selections. Are the selections going to be fixed choices? If so, then using a Choice data type is your best option, then presenting the information however you like (e.g. Tiles presenter)

However, if you want to show choices that are based on record data, thus allowing you to continually add more records to represent choices, then using a relation-type widget is the right option here. So in your case, using a Relation Ticklist widget would allow to show a ticklist representing the record data. However, you do need to have record data created to represent those options, which is what I think you may be missing.

So for example, let’s say you had 2 objects:

The relationship is as such:
Case [one2many] Users

You want your case record to have a list of users associated to it via a relation ticklist widget. You would configure your widget as you normally would, but you would also need to ensure the records in the Users object exist first, otherwise nothing will show within the ticklist widget.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hello, did you find a solution to to allow users to select multiple options to a single question?