Sending emails/ text messages to citizens at form submission for only non chargeable items

I have implemented rules, subsets and messages to send emails/text messages to citizens at form submission which works fine. But on the Waste container request process, I want to send emails/text messages to citizens only if a non chargeable option is selected.

Non-chargeable options

  1. Lost in lorry
  2. Damaged by crew
  3. Supply a container free of charge

I have implemented the rule and the subset. But no messages are sent at Waste container request form submission.


Can someone advice where I have gone wrong please?

Thank you


Thank you for your question, I will arrange for one of our experienced builders to give you a call to discuss this with you.


Hi Mihiri,

Have you tried removing the Subset from the rule to see if the rule itself is not the issue?

Regards - Mark

Hi Mark
Thanks for the response. I have applied the subset because I want to send an email/ text message to the citizen only if a non-chargeable option is selected

If I remove the section marked in red, an email/text message is sent to the citizen for any Waste container request form submissions including the chargeable options.