Setting Security to specific elements on a page


Does anyone know if it is possible to have different element on a single page available to different user groups.

For example if a page was created on the platform and security groups A & B were given access to it. Would it be possible to restrict access to some field so only security group A could access them and security group B could not?



Hi Andy,

There are several ways you could potentially achieve this particular end. The immediate obvious way would be to have two User subsets. One for Group A, and another for Group B.

Then arrange all of your Elements/Fields onto your page, then add a visibility Subset to the elements.

You could achieve a similar result using Dependencies, but the subset option is probably the better of the two options.

If you so wished, you could also group all of the Fields needed for Group A into a single widget and likewise for Group B, and simply add a User Visibility Subset to the entire widget to restrict the view to either Group A or Group B.

I hope I haven’t over simplified what you are trying to achieve. Please elaborate further if you feel I have and I will look at this some more for you.

Regards - Mark P