Setting up a mailbox for a Call queue

A department have asked if their call queue can route to a mailbox out of hours. Does anyone know who to create a mailbox in Liberty v3.26?

Hi Mark,

If you drop me an email, I will send you an invite to a Teams meeting so that I take you through the process via a screen share session.


Hi Jonathon. Is there a tutorial for this. I have built a dialogue that gives the option to send calls to voicemail, and can send to an individuals voicemail, but need to create a “group” voicemail box for the team to share

Hi There @mark.fowles & @alake We don’t have a tutorial as such, however the process is very straight forward.

Firstly If you need to add the entity. This if not an entity with a First and Last name, would be added as a Non-Person. The Entity will need a Full Name, a Number (It does not need to be a desk number just a number) and a UserID (the number used to log into the mailbox.)

Then if your template hasn’t already added the mailbox, Go back to the entity you just created and then go to Contacts - Add - Voicemail - ContactPortal VM (This will add the voicemail box).

You can then Use a Dialogue to route callers to this mailbox, or even use a Voiceform to ask callers questions then move it to the mailbox you just created.

Here are some resources that may help understand more about Messenger+ and it’s power.

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Let us know if you need some more guidance, always happy to help.


Jonathan Redsell
Trainer @ Netcall